Questions you might want to ask


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We at WBP understand that buying a phone from Gumtree and OLX can be a frustrating process and sometimes results in customers ending up with nothing. That is why we have simplified the process of getting a new or used phone. Here are some questions you might want to ask

I accept your quote, what now?

If you are happy with the price you have received you now have two options. You can either drop it off at our offices and get paid cash in hand or we can pay you through paywithsheperd .

What is paywithsheperd and how does it work?

Paywithsheperd is an Standard Bank initiative to allow buyers and sellers protection of their capital and goods. We simply pay them , they then notify you that payment has been received , after that they collect from you , deliver to us and after we’ve inspected the goods, they release the funds in to your account. That way you dont have to worry about your money going to some Prince in Nigeria 😉

What if im a returning customer and don’t want to pay the paywithsheperd fee

If you are a returning customer who has done business with us and know that we are not out to snatch your cash , you can simply complete the quote form, we will contact you to arrange pick up and after checking the device, we eft your money.

I have an existing phone that id like to trade and add cash if that be the case

If you want to trade in your old phone and buy and new one, simply complete the selling process. We will then provide you with a coupon code for discount of the amount that is due to you for you old phone.

What if my product is not in the promised condition

If you are not happy with the condition of the device due to faults or cosmetic conditions that was not mentioned to you up front, we will collect the item from you at our cost and replace the item .

What if the device is faulty within 31 Days

If the device is deemed to be faulty within 31 Days we will attempt to repair the device first. If we can not repair it we will replace it. If we can not replace it we will refund you in full.

What do you consider New , Used and Broken

A device is only “New” if it has never been used, this includes and is limited to factory sealed devices or devices that has been opened to verify contents – with original plastic on device.

A device is only Used if it has been previously used or used for demo purposes. If a device has any crack it is deemed ”broken”. Cosmetic damage on the phone other than the screen is also considered used.

A device is considered broken if it has any cracks on the screen, including hairline cracks or deep scratches. A device is also deemed broken if it does not power on, or powers on but shows nothing on the screen

What if i don’t have all the original accessories like box and chargers

Prices quoted are for devices that included all original accessories and original packaging. If you a device only please contact us. We will however require an affidavit stating that the phone was not stolen

What should i do before selling my device?

If you have decided to partner up with us and get rid of your device(s). Simply remove the icloud or google id from your device and back up all necessary data. Heres how to delete your iCloud.

What do you need apart from my device?

We require a ID document to verify your ID number as well as your Full Names, Address and contact number. In some cases we may request original proof of purchase